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Cloud eCommerce Re-Imagined!

We have Re-Imagined Cloud eCommerce at ProjectSpiffy with the Launch of eShop Pro POS!

Are you ready to transform your Business?

eShop Pro POS allows you to take your Online Store, combined with Ninja Mojo to become a full Cash Register or Point of Sale System.

Use the Cloud App on your Computer, Mac, iPad or Tablet and you’re all ready to go!

We have further simplified getting you started with this fully customisable cloud app with a Simple 3 Click Setup, Unlimited Customisation Options and Management.

How does the Cloud Cash Register or Point of Sale System function? Have a look below.



Simple 3 Click Setup

Setting up is simple, head over to

  1. Register an account and create a New Cloudlet. Select the Commerce Plan.
    (psst.. there’s a Coupon Code for you below)
  2. Put a Name for your Cloudlet (App/Website) and Select POS eCommerce Bundle
  3. Add your Billing details. Done!

Your Cloudlet (Website/App) is now setup and ready for you to customise to your hearts content.

Is customising easy?

We have made it ninja simple. All you need to do is drag-and-drop.
Have a look below, we have spent over a decade ensuring all User Interfaces are intuitive and fully customisable.



Unlimited Mojo-jojo Functionality!

  1. Spiffy Cloud Based
  2. CDN Enabled (Cloud Distributed Network)
  3. 15GB of Storage
  4. SSL Secured (https)
  5. Variable Product Edits
  6. Custom Products via POS
  7. Inline Price Editing
  8. Inline Quantity Edits
  9. Notes for Every Order
  10. Unlimited Outlets
  11. Unlimited Registers
  12. Advanced Reporting by Register and Outlets
  13. Multiple Payment Methods
  14. Credit Card Payments
  15. Receipt Printing
  16. End of Sale Reports
  17. Tax Settings
  18. Fully Moz SEO Analysed
  19. So much more we don’t want to bore you with a list.


Whats the difference?

First and foremost, your POS and eCommerce Cloudlet (Website or App) Profits is all yours. We do not believe in getting a share or commission unlike some other apps. Setup your PayPal, Stripe, Merchant Account on your Cloudlet and payments from your customers goes to you directly.

ProjectSpiffy is Fully Cloud Based and Managed. You do not have to fumble around with Code or get a Developer or Designer to help you setup an eCommerce site racking up in the tens of thousands of dollars. Our team of Ninjas’ at OneSpiffy and ProjectSpiffy ensure that your Cloudlet is running 24/7.

But if you do need some help, and you do not have the time. We do have our VIP Services to ensure your site and app gets up and running quick.

How do I get started?

Head over to ProjectSpiffy and Register your Cloudlet now. Follow the simple 3 Step Process and you are on your way. Did we mention that once you’ve registered your Cloudlet, your Dashboard has Quick FAQs, Tips and Videos to further ease you into getting your Cloudlet set up.

Not to mention the ever growing Cloud Apps for ProjectSpiffy is available for you to extend your Cloudlet to even a Membership App or Accounting Platform!








Well you’ve scrolled so much…

We know you’re looking for a deal. And we have one for you! Especially during our launch we will be providing you with a 40% Discount for Life! That’s $180.00 Per Annum or 50 cents a day (cheaper than a cup of tea).

Or if you prefer paying monthly, that’s just $21 per month!

We even give you a 3 Day free Trial to get acquainted with your Cloudlet

Use this Code on Commerce Plan Selection and your discount will be implemented immediately.

Act fast, this code is valid till 1st of May 2016!