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We provide, consult and develop personalised
applications, advanced a.i. algorithms and services
for over 20,000 businesses.


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Our Services

Scale your projects

Build projects with our robust team




Cups of coffee

Professional Services

Through our Jobs and Ninja applications and services. We provide you and your business with over a decade worth of industry best consultations, advice, guidance and services.

Project, Design and Development

Utilising our extensive resources, infrastructure partnerships and deployments – we ensure your projects receive their due diligence and leading edge deployments. Our teams and expertise combined with our proprietary platform ensures you receive a seamless experience with the best solutions.


Media, Marketing and Management

Trust in a methodical and logical approach to social media, organic search optimisations and media marketing management. We are certified, authorised and experienced with analytical platforms from Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics to Metrica by Yandex.

Q&As, API Interfacing, UX/UI Tools, A.I. and More

We are transparent in all our communications. We provide all clients, members and users with tools, open and public Q&A including UX/UI Services (Umami)

Our Applications

Explore applications

Our core products, applications and services to extend your capabilities


Get your tasks, projects, developments and more done by Ninjas. Select the service you would like us to process for you, add details and we will do the rest.


Build, design, manage and extend your websites and applications with the power of Ninjas and the Cloud. Extend your cloudlet with over 132 cloudlet apps, themes, builds and more.


Become a Ninja, get registered with us and work as part of a highly skilled team, expand horizons and explore limitless opportunities.


Extend your access to all our apps and services by subscribing to our low cost Membership Plans. Unrestricted Access to all Apps & Services.


Credits provide a level and fair currency unit, used globally without discrimination. Top-up, manage payment options, set auto top-ups and more.


Interface your apps and services with the power of One Spiffy’s robust APIs.

Integrating for the future

A.I. and Personalisation

Good morning and welcome back,

Our applications are built to have a deep understanding of you, your requirements and your customers through various A.I. algorithms, APIs and more whilst respecting your privacy.

For example, we know you are in Australia, and the forecast is cloudy. You are presently using Chrome on a Apple device.

Learn how One Spiffy can help you customise or personalise your customer experiences from our ninjas extensive experience and over 9,000 pots of tea.

Want to know more?
Sign up with us or contact our ninjas for a VIP experience.

Expanding Horizons

Explore features

Core features and services available to every account

Account manager

Get your tasks, projects, developments and more done by Ninjas. Select the service you would like us to process for you, add details and we will do the rest.


We have developed a nifty way for you to keep in-contact with your Team, Staff and Ninja. Live Chat! Message your Ninja on progress of a job or even request help.


Track your progress with transparent reports, timelines, support. We strive to ensure all services and applications are efficient.

User management

Manage account staff, teams and colleagues within a single Dashboard, share Jobs and manage services.

Cloud integrated

Our applications, modules and APIs are fully Cloud Powered, ensuring that your data is secured and safe wherever you are in the world.


We use Credits which are based on the currency you choose from the location you are at. Transparency with no more rate and price haggling.

Unlimited Uploads

Documentations are essential in every Job. We provide unlimited uploads within required applications, to ensure efficiency.


We ensure all Transactions are Secured. All Transactions are SSL Secured and PCI Compliant.

24/7 Support

Providing access to Ninjas’ globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Latest news and articles

Our Empire

Read about our latest news, progress and general how-to’s.

Social Media Maintenance

As part of our continuing process of upgrades and ensuring performance is at it’s peak, the Cloudlet Social Media Application will be undergoing a brief upgrade to ensure consistency with Social Media API Endpoints. Scheduled Upgrade Window 10th May 2018 08.30am...

read more

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