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Our Applications

What we do..

Core products, applications and services to extend your capabilities.


Ninjas handle everything from your tasks and projects to development for you. All you need to do is pick the service you want done and add some details, and we will take care of the rest!


Get the best out of our apps and services by subscribing to our cost-effective Membership Plans. Get unrestricted access to all under one roof..


With the help of Ninjas and Cloud technologies, you can easily build, design and manage your websites & applications. Choose from over 132 different cloudlet apps and themes.


Credits offer a uniform currency exchange, employable around the world with no prejudice. You can easily top-up, manage payment options, set auto top-ups and more through it.


Become part of our Ninja team and have access to amazing opportunities. Broaden your knowledge & experience levels. So why not join us now and take your career to the next level!


Leverage the power of One Spiffy’s strong APIs to incorporate your services and applications. In search of a precise API for your app? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Simply provide us with your name and email address, we will do the rest.

Become a Ninja

Become a Ninja, work as part of a highly skilled team, expand horizons and explore limitless opportunities.

Not sure how to get started? Click on Register or Get Started anywhere on this page. Or download our Mobile App.

Get Started

Buckle down, get your paperwork ready and have a smile for a quick snap!

1. Register

Complete our step by step registration, take a nice portrait and shoot an introductory self-video.

2. Review

Review the details of the registration, profile pictures taken and videos shot. Upload any documentation if required.

3. Rejoice

Once you have been invited into the OneSpiffy Ninja Family. Rejoice! And let's begin to explore possibilities globally.

Explore and Grow

Grow with tools provided to each of our Ninjas.

Samurai (Team Leader)

You will be joining us as a Contracted Professional Ninja and you will have multiple opportunities to grow along with your Team Leader who will act as your guide.

Continuous Growth

Our Service offering continuously grows, and we aim to include new services and apps. Keeping up to date and current is what OneSpiffy and Ninjas are all about!

Personal Growth
Attain higher Ninja, Samurai or Shogun positions. Each Position has multiple levels, and we have upwards of 45 positional and departmental hierarchy.
24/7 Job Selection
You will have a list of Jobs for you to pick or request for a higher bid. No more fumbling around, up-bidding, consistent job nags, or having your hard-earned pay cut.
Truly Global

You have an array of on-site or remote Jobs. So if you decide to travel and have some free time to spare, get started locally in another country without fuss.

Cloud Based

All our Apps including the Jobs App is fully Cloud Powered, ensuring that your data is secured and safe wherever you are in the world.


We are a family at OneSpiffy. Join Discussion Groups and our Live Group Apps. We ensure that we grow together at OneSpiffy and you learn from other Ninjas and gain a wealth of experience.

Log & Chat
Every Job created will come with a nifty way for you to keep in-contact with your Client. Live Chat! Message your Client on progress or even request updates.
Unlimited Uploads

Documents are essential in every Job. We provide unlimited uploads for every job created, to ensure your task get's completed to your specifications.

Your growth with us is not limited to just being a Ninja within the Empire but offerings from approved Partners, Businesses, SMEs & MNCs. Contracts through our PLOP app, are based on requirements by Partners and Businesses.
Secure Payments
Earn monthly with OneSpiffy! We ensure all Transactions are Secured. All Transactions are SSL Secured and PCI Compliant.

Your earnings are made in Credits which are based on the currency you choose from the location you are at. Full transparency and no more rate/price haggling. Withdraw monthly or at the time of your choosing.

Become a Ninja

Why become a Ninja?

Break free of being limited to nearby or even local jobs, you can now work with clients around the globe. Choose the jobs you feel inspired to work with or the team you have grown to love — it's a whole new world of freedom and opportunity. Along with our P.L.O.P. App, you now have the opportunities extended to Partners, Businesses, SMEs & MNCs.

Getting started and becoming a Ninja is super simple. All you need to get started is a computer, internet connection and amazing skills.

Your next step is to register an account with OneSpiffy and than start the Ninja Registration process by clicking "Become Ninja", follow the Quick Steps online or on our mobile application.

Think of it as an introduction, resume, and personal brochure all bundled into one, highlighting your:

  • Professional skills, experience, and portfolio
  • Education and accomplishments
  • Relevant Skills

The best applications are complete, well-written, error-free, and feature a professional, friendly looking picture. So be sure to update your Personal Profile before submitting.

If the skills and categories selected requires further verification by our team, you will be tasked with additional questions or even a quick test (e.g. Developers, Business Administrators, Social Marketers, etc.).

We display a list of Jobs suitable for your skill level, application and seniority based on levels as well as team based jobs with your samurai.
So no more searching through multiple job boards or lists - we filter and do the work for you.

So what's next after you've reviewed available jobs?

  • Review the Job and ensure you are comfortable with the limitations, timelines for the Job and credits you will be earning for the job.
  • Click "Pick Up Job" and get started.
  • That's It! It's really that simple

Once you've completed a Job, and your Client verified completion. Your credits are reflected instantaneously!

No more posting portfolio's, interviews, troll job listings, haggling, invoicing, late payments, card fees, etc.

We give all our Ninjas the opportunity to grow within OneSpiffy, and we want to ensure that you attain personal and on-the-job growth with us.

You will have access to facilities developed and the network based on our unique P.L.O.P. Cloud App.

Explore our Services

Click to explore each service we provide our clients

Administrative Support

Providing you with your very own Personal Administrator or a Team of Administrators.

Website Administration

Your own Personal Website or Social Manager + Assistant to help with Managing your Website..

Development Support

Your own Personal Developer to assist with Website, Mobile, Platform and Application Development.

PC/Mac Support

Your own Personal Engineer to help you with maintenance or any problems you may face with your Systems.

Logistic Services

We get your items delivered quick and painlessly with our Ninjas situated globally.


Get your own Professional Ninja Whizzard to assist with household maintenance, after-party cleanups or general cleaning!

Project Cloudlets

Bundled Development, Design and Deployment of your Web Application or Website on our Cloudlet.


Allowing you to have a custom SMS Name, contact list, messaging and campaign management.


Start Marketing your Business or Brand Right with Ninjas providing you with Social, Sales & Marketing Strategies and Campaign Actions.


We connect and experience your love and joys.

>55,000Task Logs


>3500Cups of Mojo


Explore Mobile

Connecting you to your tasks and projects on the go.