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Build, design, manage and expand your websites or apps with the power of Ninjas and the Cloud.

Not sure how to get started? Click on Get Started or Click to Create anywhere on this page. Or download our Mobile App.

Get Started

Just a snap to create your cloudlet.

1. Create

Use the Cloudlet Creator to create your Website or Application. Three steps within 5 minutes and you will be up and running!

2. Build

Build you App or Website with the App Store, change the Design, extend with Apps and use the Builder. Cloudlets caters to you.

3. Manage

Manage, Launch, View Reports or Review your Website or App with the Cloudlet Manager.

Explore Features

Core features for every account.

Cloudlet Creator
Create a website or app with ease using Cloudlet Creator. With a simple 3 Step Process, you can have your Website or Application up and running within 5 minutes!
Cloudlet Manager

Manage all your Cloudlets, Websites and Apps in the Cloudlet Manager. Allowing you to have an Overview off all your sites and Apps in one convenient Dashboard.

Cloud Powered
Each Cloudlet is CloudPowered with formidable Security backed by Amazon, Google, Mongo and CloudDB Infrastructure and Services
Glorify and extend your Site with 100s of Applications that simple activate in your Cloudlet. Extend your Website with a POS or Membership App and you are all set to go!
Ninja Bundles ("Templates")
Cloudlet templates are created with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind. They employ the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques. We provide these templates to get you started with ease
Builder UX

Creating your Cloudlet is simple, convenient and intuitive. Just add and arrange your content and features anywhere you want with the click of a mouse.


Cloudlet eCommerce Solutions without limitations. Design and Build your eShop or POS System with ease. Best of all – No Frills. We do not charge for the unlimited products you add. Your products – Your Profit.

With our reliable, scalable and ninja-tastic cloud infrastructure, there’s nothing to install, patch, or upgrade. Ever. We do all this for you.

Customise your Cloudlet with a Domain you own. Grab a Domain and follow the simple instructions provided. We make it simple to brand your Cloudlet Site or App.

SEO / Analytics

Cloudlets are loved by search engines. They include clean article links, proper tagging, XML sitemaps, and valid XHTML code. Whats more, you can review and analyse your Site Performance from the Dashboard!

Customer Service

Rest easy knowing Ninjas are ready to help you 24 hours a day. Everyone on our award-winning Customer Care team is an experienced Ninja.

Ninja Access

With your Cloudlet comes access to our network of Ninjas. Create a Job for them to build, customise, design or develop your App, Site or System to suit your specific needs.

Explore Apps

Click to application to learn more.

Experience Designs

Beautify with hundreds of designs to elevate your website or app.

>55,000Task Logs


>3500Cups of Mojo


Plans & Pricing

Sensible and simple. We aim to be competitive and clear with our plans always.

Experience VIP

Enhanced conceptualisation, development, & deployments of your website or app.

VIP clients enjoy a best-in-class development, expert guidance and code review, hands-on support, and a network of Ninjas at the the peak of design and development on the globe.

We pursue true partnerships with all our VIPs. Your code is our code. From planning your development resources through conceptualising your ideas, migration, launch, iteration, and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

"Manage cloudlets online, on a desktop or laptop, on your phone.. Anywhere & Everywhere!"

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