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Credits are the currency that’s used to ensure that whichever Country or whatever Currency you choose for remittance anywhere in the world – you will not be charged additional fees such as Foreign Exchange Conversion, Bank or Financial Institutional Fees, Services Fee etc. for services rendered within all our Applications – i.e. the same and fair units globally without discrimination.

How are Credits Calculated?
How are Credits Calculated?

Credits are pegged to a Basket of Currencies.

We have made Credits flexible and valid by pegging each Credit Amount to a Currency Basket ("z"). A currency basket is a portfolio of internally selected currencies with different weightings used to minimise the risk of currency fluctuations.

When you request for an amount of Credits ("x") to be added to your account via the Currency Selected ("y"). We convert the amount ("x") with exchange rate of the currency selected ("y") live through competitive foreign exchange rates to the "Currency Basket" derived algorithmically via our secured system ("z") - giving you the amount in the currency selected required to achieve the credit amount (in simple terms, essentially "x x y x z").

* The above is provided as a general example to the Credit System being used and is for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to serve as financial, investment or any other type of advice. The Credit and "Currency Basket" System are part of a complex and proprietary system - of which the above illustration has been simplified to allow you "the user" to understand how Credits are calculated and how we strive to ensure same and fair units & use globally without prejudice.


Credits are available in 100+ Currencies!

To ensure that you have access to services, we have made it our mission to enable Credit usage in as many currencies as possible through multiple Financial Institutions and Payment Providers.


All Credits are Private and Transactions made are both Secure, Private and PCI-DSS Compliant. We strive to ensure your experience is quick and simple without compromising security and privacy.


Topping up is quick and simple - just follow the guided steps above.

If you need a more structured guide, you can view the video below or click on the button to review the Step-by-step Tutorial.

Step by Step Guide
Steps to Top-Up Credits
  1. To top-up, first login and you will be presented with the Credit Top-Up App above (as shown below).
  2. Select the Amount of Credits you would like to Top-up and the Currency you would like to be charged in.

  3. Review the total charges and make payment either via a Saved Credit Card (goto Step 4) or via PayPal (as shown below).

  4. If you'd like to make payment securely via Credit Card.
    Add your Credit Card details beside "My Saved Cards" and click "Add New Card" (as shown below).

    All Transactions are Secured and PCI-DSS Compliant.

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