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Release V12.0000

Codename "Meiji"

Release Version 12.000

OneSpiffy "Meiji" aims to provide a unified experience for all users, customers and ninjas across all OneSpiffy brands. To facilitate and to allow you to be able to use all Cloud Services, Apps and Developments from OneSpiffy with ease, higher performance and greater responsiveness. "Meiji" will introduce a collection of 6 Cloud Apps in 2016.

Overview Dashboard

We have made it easier for Members, Users and Ninjas to switch between all OneSpiffy Apps and review Account Details. Once logged-in, simply click on Overview for an easy review your Spiffy Account and Apps you are able to access.

Screeny Shot 20 Jun 2016, 3.19.45 PM

Membership Subscription

We have made Membership Subscription and Management of your account easier and simpler.


Click here, for more details on Membership Subscriptions.

Project by Spiffy Cloudlet Wizard

We have introduced a Customised Wizard for Cloudlet Creation - in-tandem with the OneSpiffy iOS and Android Application.

Cloudlet Creator Wizard

Learn more about ProjectSpiffy here, and how to Get Started here.

  • Complete Revamp of OneSpiffy Apps and Interfaces
  • Including Menu Updates & Application Updates
  • Profile Updates for Users made easier
  • Account Updates made simpler and easier
  • Membership Subscription Updates

Release Updates

Release Version 12

Cloudlet Manager Introduction

Cloudlet Manager ProjectSpiffy ...
By OneSpiffy Ninjas June 27, 2016 Applications, Cloudlets, Knowledgebase, Our Apps, ProjectSpiffy

Getting Started with a Cloudlet

Getting Started with a Cloudlet Creating a Cloudlet App or......
By OneSpiffy Ninjas June 20, 2016 Cloudlets, Knowledgebase, Our Apps, ProjectSpiffy

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