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With the help of Ninjas and Cloud technologies, you can easily build, design and manage your websites & applications. Choose from over 132 different cloudlet apps and themes.


Credits offer a uniform currency exchange, employable around the world with no prejudice. You can easily top-up, manage payment options, set auto top-ups and more through it.


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Unlocking the Secrets of Local SEO

Unlock the secrets of local SEO in your specific suburb, city, or location with the exceptional Litmus (SEO) Team at OneSpiffy! From meticulous keyword research to seamless content optimization, we have you covered.

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Understanding On-Page, Off-Site, and Technical SEO Strategies

Now we all know SEO can be a pain! There are lots of SEO Optimisation firms, businesses and companies that will provide you with reports with enough technical jargons to leave you scratching your head. Let’s be honest, we want our content to be seen by our...

2020/02 – Cloudlet AU/APAC/NY Upgrades

We are kicking off 2020 with a Planned Cloudlet Upgrade For all AU-E (Australia – Enterprise), NY-E (New York – Enterprise), APAC (Asia Pacific / SGP) Cloudlets to increase Performance and stability. Further to the above, we have planned the release and...

Making Payments

Making Payments for Invoices is easy as 1-2-3. If you have read the Getting Started Guide for Invoices, skip to the Making Payments Section.   Get Started and Manage your Invoices with ease. Follow these Steps to Get Started and Viewing your Accounts Invoices....

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How to Add Cloudlet Pixels?

Click “Cloudlet Pixels” link in the left menu of your Cloudlet Dashboard Paste the Facebook Pixel ID inside the dedicated field (be careful not to paste the full code of the Pixel provided by Facebook – Just the ID) Scroll Down and check the “Activate...

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Cloudlet Pixels

Cloudlet Pixels App allows you manage, deploy and extend your Facebook Campaigns with Pixels – all from your Cloudlet Dashboard! No third party subscriptions No additional cost for amount of unique or dynamic events set. Click on the Tutorials listed to get...

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Backing Up a Cloudlet

Keeping a backup either for export or as a Timeline/Activity Progression may be necessary for some organisations. This simple tutorial will provide a guideline on how to create a Backup XML of your Cloudlet. You will need to first login to your Cloudlet via the...

read more Payment Error with PayPal Direct

Please follow the following steps to make payment online securely. Login to CloudSpiffy at If you have processed the Order without Payments, continue with the following: Click on Billing Summary under “Quick Links” Click “Click...

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Viewing Recovered Orders

To view Recovered Orders, follow the steps detailed below, Recovered Orders can be viewed by clicking  “eShop” -> “Abandoned Carts” -> “Recovered Orders” tab. You can select a date range by setting the Start Date and End Date or you can select a duration of days...

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Viewing Abandoned Orders

To view Abandoned Orders, follow the steps detailed below, Abandoned Orders can be viewed by clicking  “eShop” -> “Abandoned Carts” -> “Abandoned Orders” tab. Hover on an Order and click “View Order” to view the...

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