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Our Applications

What we do..

Core products, applications and services to extend your capabilities.


Ninjas handle everything from your tasks and projects to development for you. All you need to do is pick the service you want done and add some details, and we will take care of the rest!


Get the best out of our apps and services by subscribing to our cost-effective Membership Plans. Get unrestricted access to all under one roof..


With the help of Ninjas and Cloud technologies, you can easily build, design and manage your websites & applications. Choose from over 132 different cloudlet apps and themes.


Credits offer a uniform currency exchange, employable around the world with no prejudice. You can easily top-up, manage payment options, set auto top-ups and more through it.


Become part of our Ninja team and have access to amazing opportunities. Broaden your knowledge & experience levels. So why not join us now and take your career to the next level!


Leverage the power of One Spiffy’s strong APIs to incorporate your services and applications. In search of a precise API for your app? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Payments are all about
for you.

The OneSpiffy payments gateway is designed to make the process of paying for Credits, Subscriptions, and Invoices effortless.
Powered by trusted Ninjas and over 20,000 of Members.


Explore VIP

You don’t need to be a VIP to benefit from our VIP program.

Don’t let your business be restricted by time or budget.

Our VIP team will scale to meet your needs and deliver the best output.

With a focus on customer service and satisfaction, we’ll raise you up to level up your organization as needed.

It’s a whole new way to work.

Join our VIP Program today and get access to a team of specialists who will work with you to solve your problems. No project is too complex or urgent for us!


Track your progress with transparent reports, timelines, support. We strive to ensure all services and applications are efficient.


We ensure all Transactions are Secured. All Transactions are SSL Secured and PCI Compliant.

Account manager

We provide each and every member with a dedicated account team. To assist you should you find yourself lost.


We have developed a nifty way for you to keep in-contact with your Team, Staff and Ninja. Live Chat! Message your Ninja on progress of a job or even request help.



Learn more from frequent questions and guides from our Knowledgebase


Do I need credits before starting a Job with Ninjas?

We provide free credits during your initial registration. As well as complimentary credits if you have joined one of our Membership Plans.

Before starting a Job with Ninja assistance, you will be provided with an estimation of the cost of the credit costs involved. If there are insufficient funds, a notice will be provided such that you’d be able to place a top-up of your credit account.

For select VIP Jobs, you may get a negative balance within your account from time-to-time. It is expected that you would have automated top-ups enabled within your account such that progression of your job and services to your account is not disrupted – and your credit account balance is always in the positive.

My Job is time sensitive

We cater to time sensitive projects and jobs on a regular basis. Our advise however, is. to ensure you provide sufficient resources and time prior to submission to ensure tasks within the job can be completed within a reasonable time frame.

Prior to accepting the job. A review will be conducted to ensure our team of Ninjas are able to complete the job within the allocated time frame. If the time frame allocated in insufficient, our team will provide you with the neccesary advise prior to accepting “Picking Up” the task, project or job.

Your credits will not be deducted for Jobs that are not picked up or allocated to a team should it not be picked up after consultation.


Get Started and Manage your Invoices with ease

Get Started and Manage your Invoices with ease. Follow these Steps to Get Started and Viewing your Accounts Invoices. Login by entering your Login ID and Password or your Social Media Account. Once logged in, click on the “Menu” Icon on the Top-Right. Your...

Making Payments

Making Payments for Invoices is easy as 1-2-3. If you have read the Getting Started Guide for Invoices, skip to the Making Payments Section.   Get Started and Manage your Invoices with ease. Follow these Steps to Get Started and Viewing your Accounts Invoices....

Who are Ninjas’ ?

Ninjas’ come in many shape and forms. We have a team of Ninjas’ who perform tasks for you. The Empire has Levels.. Each Ninja/Staff are given titles – from Ninja, Samurai to our Emperor (a.k.a. Founder). They have a range of expertise and are hired...

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