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A text messaging platform on steroids.

Not sure how to get started? Return to the Jobs Page and click on Get Started. Or download our Mobile App.

Getting Started

Start texting campaigns with a tap.

Messaging allows you to create Custom SMSs for your Clients. Imagine sending an SMS to all your Customers for an up-coming Promotion with your Company Name or a Catchy Word as the Number! Wouldn't that be great?

Start a Job
Start a Job from our Web or Mobile Apps and select Messaging
Level Selection
Select a Level that best suites your requirements for the amount of SMS you would like to send for the Campaign
Add Details
Add the SenderID (the Name you would like Users to see on the SMS), your Campaign and Details for your internal reference. All Done!

Explore Features

Explore this service.

Wouldn't it be great if you could message all your Customers and Clients with ease and pizzazz! Marketing on steroids!

Allowing you to have a custom SMS Name, uploading of a contact list, manage messaging and campaigns with the greatest of ease!

Custom Sender Name

Craft differing Sender Names for Each Campaign. Get Crazy and Start attracting more sales!

Multiple Options

Allow your business to grow with a personal touch. Keep in-contact with your Customers for Promotions, Meeting Info or Customise to suit your requirements. Manage Unlimited Phone Lists and always stay in-sync.


We give you the power of Reports, so that you'd be able to track your recent Campaign and the Messages Sent.