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Logistic Services

Courier and Delivery Services made affordable and simple.

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Our Ninjas understand the difficulty of having a parcel or document delivered. The cost is too high and most of the time - pickup is in 1-2 days.

We get your items delivered quick and painlessly with our Ninjas situated globally.

Fixed Rates
Stay worry free knowing the exact cost for each Job or Delivery Task you assign. No more hiked-rates during peak hours or haggling with drivers.
Simple & Intuitive
It's very easy to get a Courier Task done, simply follow the steps above and you're set to go. Not to mention you can review your job via our various Apps.
Unintrusive Chat
Chat with the Ninjas and stay up-to-date. You don't even have to reveal your personal number or contact - so that your personal details are always secured. Now that's keeping it personal and private!