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Project Spiffy : Major Upgrades and Overhauls 2011
< 1 minute to read

What have we been up to ?

As part of our continuous effort to provide all our guests, viewers, clients and subscribers with the best viewing pleasure and the most informative presentation scheme, we have decided to upgrade and revamp all OneSpiffy Websites with a clean and dashing new look. Coupled with some new features and spanking new updates.

What progress have we made ?

These upgrades will take time to complete over the vast array of Brands under the OneSpiffy ™ Umbrella, however we are going to complete each and every Brand site upgrade in the least amount of time such as not to inconvenience you.

As you might have noticed, we have completed the First Phase of V6.0 upgrades on two of our Brand Sites namely, OneSpiffy Networks International and Zeta*Aid Billing and Support. All our other brands will be undergoing the transformation in the coming months. Appended below is an approximation of the schedule and span of time in which each Brand Site will take such that the First Phase of V6.0 Project SPIFFY will be completed without a ‘hitch’.

Road Map for PROJECT SPIFFY V6.0

OneSpiffy Networks

ZETA*AID Billing and Support (inclusive of Account Center)

Date : 15-21 June 2011

Time : 0600hrs GMT

Further Upgrades to the Client Center (All Inclusive)

OneSpiffy Design and Development

Date : 23-24 June 2011

Time : 1030hrs GMT

Date : 25-30 June 2011

Time : 0600hrs GMT


Date : 1 – 8 July 2011

Time : 0600hrs GMT

Date : 1 – 8 July 2011

Time : 0600hrs GMT

Launch of

Public Release Date : 8 July 2011

Time : 0600hrs GMT (Community Launch V6.0)

Tentative Date : 17th June 2011