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Launch of Spiffy V7.1.8 (Sauce Edition)
2 minutes to read

In the past few months we have been developing and upgrading for the onslaught of tweaks, upgrades and increased functionality for you, our faithful viewers. Bringing you a more enjoyable and interactive experience whilst visg.

At present we have Membership and Pro Sites have been released.

Of which Pro Sites and Pro Account Holders would be able to Host their websites, of which Maintenance and Features will be added without further tweaking needed from the Account Managers.

A Host of Features and Functionality will be added for Pro Sites and Pro Account Holders, of which a Tutorial and FAQ Page will be added for review.

Instead of giving you a long introduction, lets review what we have included in this Beta Release of Spiffy V7.1.

Spiffy Version 7.1 (Sauce Edition) will be launched for all Users on the 19th of January 2012.


Features at Present

  1. Simpler and Sleep Navigation and Web Presence.
  2. All New Media Interface.
  3. Video and Audio Interface Upgrades.
  4. Articles and References (“Resources”) sorted in Topical Order.
  5. Updates to Articles and References.
  6. Hadith Database (to be added in a weekly format).
  7. Quran Database (inclusive of Language Options).
  8. All New Events Page (with functioning Google Maps API).
  9. A more relevant RSS Feed.

Features to be released on the 19th of January 2012

  1. The Community Release
    1. User Blogs and Pro Site Blogs
      1. Fully Customizable
      2. Plugin/Widget Enabled
      3. OneSpiffy Premium Themes and Templates included.
      4. Fully customizable and branded website (i.e.
    2. Friend Invitation/Friend Association.
    3. Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
    4. Integrated Login with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Blogger and more.
    5. Status Feed/Updates.
    6. Internal Messaging System.
    7. Image Gallery integration with Flickr.
    8. Individual RSS Feeds.
    9. Fully Customizable User Profile.
  2. Sandbox Functionality.
  3. Fully Integrated Comment System.
  4. Bug/Issue Reporting System.
  5. Corporations and Business/Organizations Features.
    1. Business/Organizational Blogs/Websites.
      1. Fully Customizable.
      2. Plugin/Widget Enabled.
      3. OneSpiffy Premium Corporate Themes and Templates included.
      4. S.E.O. Enhanced.

We’ll strive to add more functionality above and beyond those listed in the weeks to come. We hope for your patience and support during our Implementation Stages.

Warmest of Salams,

OneSpiffy and 9Dome Development (Alpha)