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Launch and Addition of Ksplice Uptrack
< 1 minute to read

Singapore, SG – Febraury 15, 2010 – OneSpiffy ™ brewed in Singapore since 2007, made with love in Australia / NZ are simply delighted to inform one and all, of the usage of Ksplice Uptrack technology on all OneSpiffy Web Hosting Machines excluding our 9Dome Brand/s.

What Is Ksplice Uptrack?
Ksplice Uptrack allows you to install kernel updates and security patches on-the-fly without having to reboot the server for the changes to take into affect.

What Does This Mean?

This means that our machines will experience even less downtime as we don’t have to reboot for kernel upgrades and patches. It also has the benefit of making our servers more secure as we can update the kernel more frequently.

How Does This Effect Me?

Ultimately you won’t notice anything different aside from less maintenance windows and the assurance that our servers will always be up-to-date with the newest kernels.

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