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Setting up an Outlet

Nov 22, 2016 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

2 minutes to read

Select “Outlets” under “Point of Sale” to get Started.

Click “Add New” to create a New Outlet or “Edit” for an existing Outlet.


We will now go through each element within creating or editing an Outlet.

Outlet details

The outlet is your physical store where you are going to sell your products. There is no restriction to how many outlets you can set up. It is important to be as detailed as you can when setting up your outlet as this information is printed and displayed and printed on your receipt.

To delete an outlet, simply check the box of the outlet and click on Delete in the Bulk Actions menu. If the checkbox is disabled, this means that the outlet is currently assigned to a register. You will have to either assign the register to a different outlet or delete the register completely. You can see a count of the number of registers assigned to the outlet on the far right of the table.

Outlet Details

The name of the outlet is used to identify the outlet when assigning registers, users and filtering orders. The address of the outlet can be used for tax calculation purposes.

Contact Details

Contact details are used to inform your customers on how to contact and enquire about their in-store purchase, these details can be used and displayed on the receipt.

Social Details

Social details allows your customers to reach out to you via their social network. Currently, the Point of Sale only supports the Facebook and Twitter handles.