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About the Empire

Learn more about OneSpiffy, our Family of Ninjas, Vision, Beliefs, Philosophy & Achievements.


Learn more about what we stand for..

We are different from the on-set; not for Glory but for Honour. The mission and philosophy inculcated would be one of Bushidō (武⼠士道), for Honour, Respect and Discipline. We offer our expertise of close to a decade in product and services; to provide and enable over 15,000 Corporations, Businesses and Consumers to strive forward unrivalled in style and uniqueness.

We strive to provide simplicity in the most complex of concepts and situations. To create a sense of serenity and understanding. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to extend boundaries.


Learn who we are and what we strive for..

One Spiffy™ was brewed and made with love in Australia and registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) as One Spiffy Pty Ltd.

From humble beginnings and receiving approx. 10 Thousand Views/Hits. We have since grown to receiving 1 Million Views/Hits Monthly and providing an array of services, support, consultations and applications.

We have grown to provide consultation and various products and services to over 5,000 clients, from diverse countries, industries and backgrounds. Including the Educational Sector, Childcare Agencies, Marine Offshore Oil & Gas Industries, Information Technology Companies, Research and Development Industries, Geotechnical Surveyors & Laboratories, Banks and more.


Learn more about our family of Ninjas

Our family of Ninjas are made up of individuals, professionals and teams living across the globe, connecting through our integrated, internal applications and solutions to make those seemingly far distances feel like a walk to your nearby cafe.

Our family of Ninjas have each been assessed on their proficiencies and have a variety of backgrounds (from single parents, individuals living a great distance from the city, ma & pa tag teams and even post-grad students who have some free time to spare). We thrive as a family thrive on our diversity of age, race, faiths and gender to provide you with solutions to make life that much simpler.


Where our team has begun setting roots..

We collaborate with Google Inc., Apple Inc., Amazon Inc. (Web Services), Adobe Inc, Microsoft Inc. and many other IT companies at various capacities; to provide the absolute best for our Clients, Applications and Services.

We aim to provide a professional and customer-focused - Applications, IT Development, Support and Solutions to all our end-users and clients.

Our Mission

Bushidō (武⼠士道), for Honour, Respect and Discipline. We have all to gain by carefully listening to our clients, members and staff ~ both positive as well as negative. Learn, Review, Inculcate, Act and Strive for the best in all that we do!