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Remote Support (PC/Mac)

Remote Support is quick and simple with OneSpiffy

  1. Download Support Application for either Mac, Windows or Windows (MSI / Server Admin Edition).
    (Click on Mac or Windows above to download).
  2. Your browser may warn you that an “.exe” executable file may be dangerous.
    When given the option to “Keep” or “Discard” the file, select keep to finish the download.
  3. By double clicking the Remote Support Icon , the program will launch.
  4. In the Messages Box, you are able to communicate with the support ninja even when a support ninja is not currently connected; the messages can be viewed by the team at a later date.
  5. The Status Box shows the status of the connection between the computer and our Support Ninja’s.
  6. Note that closing the application from the window will only minimize it to the background tray.
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