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Creating a Cloudlet

Creating a Cloudlet App or Website is Simple, we will break it down into 5 Steps.

  1. Starting the Cloudlet Creator Wizard
    Click on “Cloudlet Creator” on by Clicking the “Menu” Icon once you are logged in.
  2. Select a Cloudlet Plan
    Review the Cloudlet Plans provided, options and features of each Plan. Choose a Renewal selection (Annual or Monthly) and simply click “Grab”.
    Ensure that you have sufficient Credits.
  3. Select a Bundle
    Select a Bundle and all the Designs and Apps used in the Bundle will automatically be enabled for you. No fuss and no fiddling about!
  4. Reserve your Cloudlet Name
    Select a Domain Name, Add a Description and You’re Done!
    Select a Name for your Personal, Business or Company website or application.
  5. Finalise Details
    Add a Title for your app or website and Click on “Create My Cloudlet”.
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