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In a Nutshell

We provide all our Users and Members with a Free Membership with Unrestricted Access to all Apps & Services. Extend your access to all our apps and services further by subscribing to our low cost Membership Plans.

Plans and Pricing

Simple Pricing To Extend Access & Features

More Reasons..

Loved for being simple and affordable starting from absolutely free or 40 Cents per day!


Continued Development

Web based and Mobile Applications are continuously developed to extend usability, interactivity and hosting for you personally as well as for businesses and corporations. We ensure that with every subscription you will gain access to all Apps in-development and those that are released.


Keeping you secured

Mojo Security backed with Cloud Services and utilising leading infrastructures worldwide. We continuously review all our Apps to ensure Compliance and high security.


Loved by All

Our Users love us for being up to date with the latest trends in design and development, always pushing the boundaries to provide you with Mojo in your daily tasks.

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