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Jobs AppGet your projects and tasks done by professionals worldwide with just a tap!

NinjaApply to Become a Ninja! Open yourself to possibilities and opportunities worldwide

BuzzLocal & Social Buzzing - Find out the latest hype around you!

TwineManage wedding RSVPs, vendors, quotes, invoices and more!

LitmusAnalyse and audit your site, review performance, discover how to fix SEO issues and more!

InterfacerInterface your apps and services with the power of One Spiffy’s robust APIs. Featuring ingrain management and reporting.

Dynamic Content AIAnalyse and audit your site, review performance, discover how to fix SEO issues and more!

CloudletsBuild and create beautiful apps, platforms and websites simply and with Ninja Mojo!

Cloudlets Creator3 steps to creating your cloud website or app. Quickly get up and running!

Cloudlets ManagerManage and administer your cloudlets quickly and painlessly.

CloudSpiffyDomains, VPS, Shared Hosting, Cloud SSDs, Business Emails under one roof.

MojoBuilderBuild beautiful profiles and single page websites without a single line of code!

TermsCreate contracts, terms & policies using our easy to use templates.

My ProfileManage and update your personal, account and business profiles.

MembershipExtend, manage and upgrade your membership with us!

CreditsTopup and manage your credits. Your spiffy mobile wallet on the go!

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Developer Manager

Extend your apps with Ninja API Mojo! RESTful API based on HTTPS requests and JSON responses.

Not sure how to get started? Obtain your API Key from the Developer Dashboard above. Click on Get Started anywhere on this page.

Get Started

Just a snap and your task is taken care of.

1. Request

Select the service you would like us to process for you, along with the level of complexity your task would entail.

2. Review

Review the details of the service, credit costs and add details of the task you would like completed.

3. Rate

You can rate the assigned ninja or team of ninjas and review the completed tasks and files.

Explore Services

Click to explore each service in greater detail.

Administrative Support

Providing you with your very own Personal Administrator or a Team of Administrators.

Website Administration

Your own Personal Website or Social Manager + Assistant to help with Managing your Website..

Development Support

Your own Personal Developer to assist with Website, Mobile, Platform and Application Development.

PC/Mac Support

Your own Personal Engineer to help you with maintenance or any problems you may face with your Systems.

Logistic Services

We get your items delivered quick and painlessly with our Ninjas situated globally.


Get your own Professional Ninja Whizzard to assist with household maintenance, after-party cleanups or general cleaning!

Project Cloudlets

Bundled Development, Design and Deployment of your Web Application or Website on our Cloudlet.


Allowing you to have a custom SMS Name, contact list, messaging and campaign management.


Start Marketing your Business or Brand Right with Ninjas providing you with Social, Sales & Marketing Strategies and Campaign Actions.

Explore Features

Core features for every account.

Account Manager

We provide each and every member with a Dedicated Account Ninja. To assist you should you find yourself lost.

24/7 Support

Providing access to Ninjas' globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live Timeline

Track the progress of your job by the Ninjas' to the minute. Ensuring your job is taken care of efficiently.


Every Job created will come with a nifty way for you to keep in-contact with your Ninja. Live Chat! Message your Ninja on progress or even request updates.

User Management

Manage all Staff or Colleagues within a Single Dashboard, share Jobs and Manage Services

Secure Transactions

We ensure all Transactions are Secured. All Transactions are SSL Secured and PCI Compliant.


We use Credits which are based on the currency you choose from the location you are at. Full transparency and no more rate/price haggling.

Cloud Based

Jobs App is fully Cloud Powered, ensuring that your data is secured and safe wherever you are in the world.

Unlimited Uploads

Documents are essential in every Job. We provide unlimited uploads for every job created, to ensure your task get's completed to your specifications.


We connect and experience your love and joys.

>55,000Task Logs


>3500Cups of Mojo


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Simple & Quick! Kudos to the OneSpiffy Ninja Team for giving our Business the Edge we needed.

Jonathan Kale Australia

Took me just 5 minutes to get set up and Charie my Account Manager assisted every step of the way.


Chris Tucker UK

Responsive Application, the appeal for us was that we could get services we required for our small business and literally multiply our staff strength.

Keep Going Ninjas!

Leonard Singapore

Explore Mobile

Connecting you to your tasks and projects on the go.

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You will need to have the passion first and foremost - and be skilled in ensuring jobs assigned are completed with professionalism and within deadlines provided. It's a simple 3 Step Process. Register with us now, and click "Become a Ninja" and join the fastest growing empire online - not to mention earning, growing and having fun.