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#OneSpiffy #SpiffyBeginnings #GoodMorning #SpiffyNinja

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< 1 minute read

Release 9.0078

Footer Backlinks Update and Form to Report Bugs
< 1 minute read

Release 9.0080

Header Panel 3 – Options Introduction
< 1 minute read

Release 9.0077

Live Video Feed – Field not showing due to Form
< 1 minute read

Release 9.0076

Group Page/Post Consolidation Login Issues due to usage of Function Live Channel Page Zazzle Integrations Media Gallery Page Updates
< 1 minute read

Release 9.0073

Title Login Bar Description of problem Login / Logout does not work due to Security Plugin Update Type Functional Status Fixed Priority Medium Where is it found? Production Browser Chrome Fixed in Release 9.0073
< 1 minute read

Release 9.0075

Remedy of Fields and Effect CSS
< 1 minute read

Release 9.0074

Spotlight 1 UI Refinement Social Login Addition and CSS Customizations Social SSO Login Spotlight Section – Image and Rotation Effects with differential height – Full Width Zendesk Synchronizations
< 1 minute read

Heartbleed Bug

With news breaking on Monday, April 7th that HeartBleed causes a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library, which is used by roughly two-thirds of all websites on the Internet, we want to update on how this... Learn More
2 minutes read