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2 minutes to read
Best Bang for Wedding and Solemnisation Venues

Oct 19, 2015 | Advice, Venue, WeddingSpiffy | 1 comment

This is the First Series of the NABWed “Best Bang!” Series of Articles to guide soon-to-be Newly Weds or their parents on the intricacies of Managing, Planning and Coordinating a Wedding. Let’s jump straight to it.

Finding a wedding venue has some difficulties. Albeit with exceptions, they are all insanely expensive. Their prices have numbers you’d expect to see somewhere else entirely.

Although a wedding is mainly made up of a lunch or dinner function with the additional frills ~ it also allows for something trivial as fruit selling at $5 a piece. And also, the hotel will be charging your entire trust fund, such that some of your more distant relatives could meet up.

And since we at NABWed have hundreds and soon thousands of Vendors to choose from. Here’s a list of five less painful wedding & solemnisation venues:

Banquet Halls
Why Banquet Halls? Banquet halls are cheaper, and they’re designed to host weddings. Your guests can get as loud, crazy or chatty as they want; it’s expected.

Two to Four-Star Hotels
Dependent on where you live, the “Star” rating of the hotel may or may not reflect the quality of their Ballrooms or Banquet Halls. Fewer stars might reflect differences in rooms and facilities, but food quality alone may well match a five star hotel.

These hotels shave your dinner cost by half and may give you additional frills that Five Star hotels will cringe to even provide. Now that does not mean your Traditional 5 Star Hotels should be overlooked. No, by all means not. You should get a few quotes from the 5 Star Hotels as a gauge.

Request for Quotes on NABWed, and get a gauge of different Venues in your Region

Over the past few years, restaurants have become increasingly popular choices. It just makes sense: guests are going for a meal and a chat. That’s precisely what restaurants are for, and their prices are a lot lower. Most restaurants are just as capable with decorations as hotel ballrooms.These include gifts, use of VIP rooms, free flow of alcohol, and several months worth of embarrassing Facebook pics.

Golf or Country Clubs
Once the province of men in tweed suits and funny shaped pipes, many country clubs are now open to the public. Country Clubs has comparable rates, and offers added perks like free flow of alcohol, full day limousine use and a complimentary one month membership. An incidental advantage to country clubs is the ample parking space, and possible use of club facilities.

Gardens and Parks
This is one of the cheapest options you can find. If your guests are into nature and scenery, apart from nature’s glory, there are also packages that send caterers there. The biggest upside to all this, besides the cost, is that the wedding photos turn out better. It’s outdoors and there’s a range of backdrops, so your photographer will have an easier time.

Just watch the weather: rain is not an issue, thanks to the shelters, but heat is. Your guests might be eating their curry in the sweat of their own faces.



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