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Parrot UI

Parrot UI

Starter Level

Parrot UI gives you options galore! Whether you’ve created the next WeChat, Uber or simply want to promote your new website to the masses, Parrot UI offers a clean and professional design that puts the focus squarely on your product – and why customers should buy it. Mojo-tastic ain't it!

Parrot UI allows your site to become a Statement!

Big & Beautiful, Parallax, Drag & Drop UX using Spiffy Droplets interface - no coding required.

It's all about the Statement!

Make a statement from the beginning. Put your brand messaging front and center with a download button you can’t miss. With Parrot UI, your call-to-action takes the spotlight with linkable app store icons, surrounded by easy navigation – perfect for exploring your site.

Everything from the colour palette and font selection to page layout and custom menu configuration was hand picked and formatted by our professional design team.


Big Beautiful Images

Take your product, service or image and display it to the next level with wall-to-wall header images, simple sliders and full-width video.


  • Full Customisation
    Take complete control over colors, fonts, styles, images, videos and content - in just a few clicks.

  • No Setup Required

  • Responsive
    Droplet UX makes it easy to edit the responsive view of your site in any devices, from big tablets to tiny phones.

  • Full Elements
    Sliders, galleries, maps, social, videos, contact forms, buttons, menus, widgets, code, posts, login, tabs & more.

  • And More!
    • Multi-page layout
    • Clean and professional design
    • Modern typography
    • Customizeable header
    • Gallery and lightbox
    • Pre-made templates
    • Fully responsive
    • Opt-in ready
    • Membership ready
    • Bespoke contact form
    • Custom login form
    • Social integrated
    • Drag and drop
    • Front-end text editing
    • SEO optimised
    • Fast and efficient code

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