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Design and deliver beautiful courses, complete with bold media content, interactive questions, forums, chat and assessments, all within your Cloudlet!

The Cloudlet eLMS (“eLearning Management System”) App is a powerful online learning platform. Set up online courses by creating learning units with quiz elements, video, audio etc. You can also assess student work, sell your courses and much much more.

eLMS allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress.

Whether you’re selling or sharing your knowledge, this plugin will save you time and make your work stand out.

Build and display your next course with speed and precision.


Make Great Courses

Create video-driven courses, share audio, create quizzes, allow users to upload and download and participate in discussions.

Reach more people by connecting students with a variety of learning styles.

Incredibly Easy to Use & Setup

Easily create a course and add, invite or promote it to students. Getting a great course up takes no time and eLMS even comes with it’s own design to get you going quickly. Beautiful design and custom fit for any cloudlet.

Access over 13 options for accepting payments.

Sell Courses with eShop or eShop Pro

Offer courses for free, or sell exclusive access to your lessons and materials with simple eCommerce integration.

Use any of the 13+ gateways available with eLMS, or combine eLMS with eShop Pro and get access to more than 100 payment options.

Powerful Management Features

Under the hood you can manage all aspects of student grading, marking, assessment, reporting (including automatic grading and reporting!), student & instructor management and everything else you’d expect from a powerful Learning Management Systems.

Offer certification with your courses with grading, marking and assessment tools.

Give students a way to track progress from start to finish. Provide completion records and genuinely assessed certification.

Fit any layout with powerful customisation tools.

Massively Extendable

Provide course previews, promotional courses and allow registration wherever you like.

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