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Setting up a Register

Aug 9, 2018 | Cloudlets | 1 comment

2 minutes to read

Configure the terminals in which you sell your products in including what happens at the end of each sale and reporting.

Creating a register

Once you’ve created a register, you will then be able to add a register.

  • Go to Point of Sale > Registers to view a list of registers.
  • Enter the required details that are shown and click Add New Register.
  • If you have not created a product grid, you can choose to show All Products or show them in their Category Taxonomy.
  • Prefixes and suffixes can be entered if you want orders from this register to be unique i.e. NY0123R1. Where the NY could indicate the outlet and R1 could indicate register identifier.
  • You can set a Default Customer to be loaded when this register is opened.
  • Like having a default customer, you can define a Default Shipping Method.
  • You can manage the cash flow of your register through Cash Management.
  • Use regular prices as opposed to your online sale prices by Disabling Sale Prices.

End of Sale

You can configure what happens when each sale comes to an end.

  • Log your cashiers out to securely manage the register by turning on the Change User function.
  • Decide whether to email receipts to All Customers including walk-ins, Registered Customers or neither.
  • Decide whether the receipt requires printing at the end of each sale.
  • Prompt user to enter a note for All Sales or just when the order is put On Save.

Opening and closing a register

  • Each cashier (user) needs to be assigned to an outlet in order to access the registers in this outlet.
  • Once a register is opened by a cashier, only this cashier can close the register.
  • If you face a register which is opened by someone else and you cannot close it, it is recommended you login as them and close it.


Viewing reports of an outlet

This plugin utilises the reporting function that comes with WooCommerce. We have a dedicated tab that shows all reporting related to the Point of Sale, including registers.

  • Go to eShop > Reports > POS > Sales by register.
  • You can click on Export CSV to download the data and use it elsewhere.
  • You can change the range from Year, Last Month, This Month, Last 7 Days or you can select a Custom Range.